Running BCHN? Please upgrade to v27.0.0 or a later version before May 15, 2024.


Short term

  • Establish a professional mining node which listens to feedback and delivers measurable improvements.
  • Provide well-researched proposals for consensus rule enhancements regarding DAA, 0-conf and script improvements.
  • Lead by example with specification-driven development that enables greater mining node diversity and increases BCH's resistance to capture.

Medium term

  • Demonstrate sustainable client development based on wide ecosystem input and a transparent, voluntary funding model.
  • Demonstrate evidence-based, collaborative decision making on consensus changes.
  • Maintain and expand network effect where possible.
  • Make progress on the scaling work for global adoption through both processing and network performance improvements.
  • Cooperate on specification and testing initiatives to diversify the node landscape, stimulate broader participation and protect the BCH network from catastrophic failures.

Long term

  • Raise awareness that BCH must remain permissionless, useful and affordable to use in order to become the best money in the world.