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Bitcoin Cash Node Community Survey - June 2020

by Bitcoin Cash Node Team
17 June 2020

About the BCHN Public Consultation System

The Bitcoin Cash Node Public Consultation System, or BCHN PCS , is a a feedback gathering system which the Bitcoin Cash Node project uses to collect input from the ecosystem to guide our decision-making.

In our previous survey we polled the community about its expectations from BCHN and Bitcoin Cash in general. Thanks for all the feedback.

Our second survey topic: Do you use "Child-Pays-For-Parent" (CPFP) and how?

This is a very short survey, which you can find at the link below. It's just a text file, with some instructions inside.


Plain text:

Participating in the survey](#participating-in-the-survey)

If you have a Gitlab account (it's free), you can simply log your feedback as an Issue on our repository by following this link

Otherwise, save the text file on your computer, call it up in your favorite text editing tool or word processor, add your answers and send your replies to us in any of the ways listed at the bottom of the form.

You can also drop your response here in the comments below, if you have a account. If not, there are many other ways to submit it listed in the survey form.

One good way, if you are on or Member, is to drop a link to your reply into this channel (topic):

On attaching some identity to your reply

You do not need to submit your reply in a way that attaches some known identity of yours - unless you want to. However, if you have an identity with reputation and history, that might help us weigh your feedback, but generally we will try to take any feedback on its own merits. If you have questions, please ask me on any channel - such as in the comments, or via Slack .

Submission deadline

There is no deadline on this one, but the earlier your feedback reaches us, the more likely we can take it into account for technical changes we are considering.

What happens to your feedback after you've submitted it

We collect the inputs and commit them to the BCHN PCS repository's input folder for this survey.

There isn't any personally identifying information unless the submitter expressly includes some in his responses.

If you would like to find out more about the Bitcoin Cash Node project, please visit our website at and follow the links from here!