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Jonathan Toomim

Jonathan Toomim

Contributor, Independent BCH Developer

Jonathan Toomim is an independent BCH developer, and an active contributor to the BCHN project.

He has been involved with the big block Bitcoin movement since 2015.
He contributed as a junior developer to Bitcoin XT.

In December 2015, he presented data on block propagation performance on a BIP101 testnet. After that, he surveyed miner opinions on preferred blocksizes in the Blocksize Consensus Census, and helped launch to richly represent users', developers', miners', and businesses' opinions on scaling proposals.
In 2016, he cofounded Bitcoin Classic, an almost-successful attempt to increase the Bitcoin block size limit to 2 MB with a consensus hard fork.
In 2018, he analyzed stress test data, and came up with the Xthinner block propagation protocol.
In 2019, he implemented a non-production-ready version of Xthinner and ran it on mainnet. He also built a benchmark system that showed that up to 3,000 tx/sec is possible with simple transactions on commodity hardware with a slightly modified version of Bitcoin ABC as long as networking isn't the bottleneck.

His work on BCHN is mostly focused on scalability issues, like Xthinner and the O(n^2) transaction chain issue.

More information on Jonathan's work on BCH can be found in his Flipstarter campaign at